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Leading by example.

Our world is in need of leaders that will take responsibility for their actions, live authentically and value integrity. We respect leaders who admit their mistakes, acknowledge their weakness and work to correct them. 


We sometimes mistake leaders who are already at the top and are known for something. But there are many true leaders who are in the making within their circle of influence. What kind of individuals are we trying to build? One that works solo and stands above everyone else? Or one that embraces diverse individuals, pursues excellence and is resilient? 


Teamwork comes from working with others because no man is an island. Resilience is strength developed from the most difficult situations. Empathy is found in embracing others different from us and valuing their potential. 


Do your leaders have those qualities and skills? 

Conduct a training that isn’t your typical team building activity.


Come and explore a world that is unknown to many.

Take an impactful journey that will last you a lifetime, open your eyes beyond what you know now and perhaps you can start a dialogue that includes all.

Leadership workshop group deep in discussion during the debrief session

Leadership Workshop

Our leadership workshops are conducted in total darkness designed to test one’s limit to provide them with a tangible experience of combining emotional intelligence and social competence.


Team challenges facilitated will create unpredictable situations where participants will have to activate entirely new resources, unused senses and potential to reach the set goal. 


This inspiring experience brings about dramatic insights for professional leaders in their leadership and everyday routines. The workshop develops communication and leadership skills through team building and diversity elements.


Our trainers, themselves blind or visually impaired are experts in non-visual perception, creating a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy and openness.


We will take time to do a session of debriefing and reflection of your experience. Be assured to walk away with a renewed mind and a change of heart.



Experience an impactful half a day with our Dialogue In The Dark experience tour and activities. 



Experience an impactful full day experience through:

[1] Dialogue Games - building teamwork and communications skills

[2] Dialogue In The Dark - discovering potential, resilience and dependency on others


Dialogue Includes All Experience Centre 

@ The Weld

LG-05-06, Lower Ground Floor

No 76, Jalan Raja Chulan

50200 Kuala Lumpur

Should you choose to conduct this experience at a different location or for a larger group, please reach out to us to organise accordingly.

Develop and grow true leaders with us!

Explore a new way of developing leaders at all levels. Create an inclusive and empathetic environment at your workplace where dialogues can begin and change can happen.

Team Meeting, let's do this

Leadership Workshop

What to Expect

Is it safe to be in total darkness for such a duration?

Yes, it is safe to be in total darkness for such a duration. These workshops are designed with the objective of testing one's limit to provide them with a tangible experience of combining emotional intelligence and social competence.

What will be each group size?

Each session will have a maximum of 32-36 persons. If you intend to plan for a larger group, please reach out to us to discuss further.

Are there washrooms available during the workshop experience?

We aim for as few disruptions as possible. However, if you need to use the washroom during the dining experience, you may raise your request to the guide and will be led out.

What if someone cannot withstand the darkness unexpectedly?

If at any time, anyone experiences discomfort in the dark and needs to end the experience, please verbally alert the accompanying guide and he or she will have someone guide them safely out to the light.

Is there a risk when they come into the light again?

There is no risk. At the end of the tour, the guide will bring each group out into the light in stages. There will be a dim light so their eyes can adjust again to the light gradually. In this manner, every health risk is excluded.

Can this be held at a different location?

Yes this is possible, however there will be additional set up cost to incur. Please reach out to us to discuss further.

Preparation before Tour

Is there anything they should prepare for before the tour?

  • All light emitting devices such as watches, cellphones, cameras, or glow-in-the-dark items must be taken off before entering. Lockers will be provided for personal belongings.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Visitor Restrictions

Can those with special needs join the tour?

Please indicate any special needs at time in advance (during booking) so that we may schedule the necessary arrangements for your group. Wheelchair

  • We will provide a manual wheelchair and a special guide. For those who use an electric wheelchair, it is necessary to change into our own mechanical wheelchair.
Limited mobility
  • For people who are dependent on walking aids, it may be necessary to use our wheelchair. An additional guide will be assigned to look after him / her.
Hearing impaired
  • In the darkness, hearing is of utmost importance. If anyone in the group is affected in this area, please let us know. We have good experiences with hearing impaired visitors. It is recommended to have a sign language interpreter present. However, if there is none, we can assign an additional guide to provide tactile hand signals, so even if in the dark, communication can take place.
Pregnant mothers
  • If you are in your advanced stage of pregnancy, please let us know so that the guide can take measures to ensure your safety, eg. prevent collisions, etc

Ticket Booking

Should we make a booking before the workshop?

It is advisable to reach out to us and organise for your group early to discuss objectives and also the necessary arrangements suitable for your group. Please reach out to us to discuss further.

Can the workshop be conducted in different languages?

The workshop will primarily be conducted in English. We also have Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin language options at this moment, please indicate your request upon booking your workshop experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)