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In an ever changing world, different ones fall vulnerable and some get left behind. How do we move forward together? How does one achieve the destiny that we’re all created for? How do we make a difference when things are seemingly difficult, if not impossible?

Blind professional dancer Sristi starting the conversation at Art Includes 2019 festival

It Takes All of Us

The "All" in Dialogue Includes All does not just mean that we include and support all the disabled community, categories and demographics. The "All" is literal - it means that whoever you are, we want to include YOU in the dialogue. We want to have meaningful conversations with you about this community, knowing that you are able to make a difference. When you include and accept us, we begin to bring down the barriers and we begin to work together. We appreciate each other as equals, we learn each other’s qualities and value one another. 


#dialogueincludes will be an ongoing dialogue and conversation between various parties to move forward together—to show empathy to our neighbours, to bring impact to our communities and to influence greater change of our environment for the disabled community.

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Who Have We Left Behind?

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#dialogueincludes YOU

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#dialogueincludes CHANGE

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