We Equip

We are all for starting dialogues on what is important, changing the landscape for a better world, breaking barriers and embracing each other. Dialogue Includes All’s unique value proposition is meant to equip the disabled and vulnerable community, the abled and educated community or just anyone going through a difficult time. 


What is there to equip, you may ask? Is it even possible? Read on to decide for yourself.

Building a place to call home together

For the disabled and vulnerable

  • You are abled despite your disabilities

  • You are significant and a contributor to society, not a burden

With the mission to yield more educated, equipped and empowered people with disabilities, our training programme helps with integrating these individuals with society

Visually impaired call centre agents

For anyone going through difficult times

This season is no easy period for anyone and we acknowledge that we all could be struggling in some way. How are you coping?

What happens when the routines and familiarity we know are taken away? How will we choose to weather this storm and respond to our circumstances?

A hand reaching out in the meadows

For the abled and educated

  • Your awareness of the vulnerable will spark dialogues that could change the world

  • Your inclusion and empathy dreams of a society that is all embracing with no barriers


With the vision of creating an inclusive and empathetic society, our programmes and experiences are meant to instill important leadership & development values in society

Hands on the person's shoulder in front of you, experiencing a tour together

Disclaimer: The concept of “Dialogue in the Dark” and its related trademarks are the intellectual property of Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH. Read more on how we equip others through this concept on our Experience Page.